1. What is a cookie?

2. What are cookies used for?

2.1. First party cookies  
2.2. Third party cookies

3. How to change settings depending on your browser
If you use Internet Explorer
If you use Firefox
If you use Chrome
If you use Safari
If you use Opera

4. Updates to Legal Notices


“Cookies” are text files that an internet site transfers to a user’s browser when they visit the site. They contain information related to the user that the website recognises the next time the user visits the site.

Various types of cookies exist: those used by the website that deposits the cookie, and internal and external cookies that are sent by third parties for advertising purposes or audience analysis.

A cookie does not necessarily contain your name or email address, instead it acts more like an id card for your browser which records your use of the website. They therefore help the website function properly and are used by most e-commerce sites.


We distinguish between two types of cookies: those that we deposit, known as “first party” cookies, which are essential or functional; and those deposited by third parties, known as “third party” cookies, which are linked to audience analysis, advertising or social networks.


Essential Cookies

Some cookies are essential and required for a website to function properly. For example:
- “Age Gate” cookies of Age verification, even once your browser has been closed,
- “Authentication” cookies, which make it possible to automatically connect you to your account each time you visit the site,
- Cookies related to cookies settings, that enable the website to save your preferences with regards to cookies on the site.
- Etc.

This type of cookie facilitates browsing and can only be recognised and “read” by La Maison de la Vodka. By definition, these cookies cannot be de-activated.

Functional Cookies

Other cookies are called “functional” cookies and their role is to improve your navigation of the website.  In the same way, the use of cookies enables us to offer you products based on the products viewed by the site’s users.

If you de-activate these cookies, you will not be able to access the full range of services we offer. Their de-activation may lead to these services not functioning properly

Audience analysis Cookies

Audience analysis cookies enable us to improve user experience. We use services such as Google Analytics to understand how visitors arrive at our site and how they use it. Our partners, service providers such as Google and Lengow, deposit audience analysis cookies in the name of Maison de la Vodka

If you do not authorise these cookies, we will be very limited in our ability to improve your user experience.


These cookies are deposited by third party sites, partners of the Maison de la Vodka site. They can be functional or essential for the service they offer or they can measure audiences. You may therefore find cookies deposited by Facebook and Google for their respective social networks.

We also offer you personalised advertising. These cookies remember the sites you have visited and display adapted advertising, either in relation to the sites you have visited, or to avoid you seeing the same advert too many times. These pertain to, for example, Netaffiliation, Google, Bing, Adverline and Tradespotting.

De-activating these cookies will limit your use of these services (sharing information on social networks) and the personalisation of advertising you see (it will not stop advertising from being displayed).


To manage cookies and your personal preferences, the configuration of each browser is different. Configuration details can be found in your browser’s help menu, which will enable you to find out how to change your cookie preferences.

For Internet Explorer™
In the scroll wheel in the top right hand corner of the browser, click on “Internet Options”
Select the ‘Confidentiality’ tab
Choose the settings you desire

For Firefox™
In ‘Tools’, click on Options
Select the ‘Privacy’ tab
Choose the settings you desire

For Chrome™
In the top right hand corner of the browser, open the tools menu
Select ‘Delete browsing history’
Choose the settings you desire

For Safari™
In the top left hand corner of the browser, under menu, click on Safari
Select ‘Preferences’,
In the ‘Confidentiality’ tab, Choose the settings you desire

For Opera™
In the top right hand corner, under menu, open ‘Settings’
Select ‘Privacy and Security’
Choose the settings you desire


We reserve the right to modify the present document; both in response to regulations imposed by legislation and due to the constant evolution of our site and services. Please check back on this page from time to time to be updated on new information that may have been added.

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