With their texture and flavour, the three characterful recipes
speak for themselves, to be enjoyed on their own.


As gourmet vodka, Viche Pitia® enhances the pleasures of dining
when served with refined dishes.


Being premium vodka, Viche Pitia® can be enjoyed before
or after dining for a remarkably intense gustatory experience
like Single Malt Whisky or Old Rum.


(rye bread) 40 %

Viche Pitia n°25

With dominating notes of toasted rye bread,
N°25 surprises by its complex array of aromas and powerful character.


Boasting great aromatic depth, N°25 Classic (rye bread) creates a surprising, charming experience when served with grilled meat and fish.


(Cumin) 58 %

Viche Pitia n°7

Developed with caraway (cumin),
 N°7 is the quintessence of Russian spirits.
Called « The Tsar of Russian Zakuzkis »
in the Russian court,
this full-bodied vodka displays unique refinement
and an unrivalled character.

The outstanding organoleptic richness of N°7 Caraway makes
this the ideal drink
to serve with many dishes.
Not only the perfect accompaniment for caviar, N°7 is also ideal with grilled meats
for a highly refined and most surprising
tasting experience.

Lemon & Milk

(citron et lait) 43 %

Viche Pitia n°30

Developed with milk and fresh lemons
carefully selected and picked when ripe
N°30 was the favourite vodka in Russian society for its pure, unique taste and the smooth velvety texture it develops on the palate.


The inimitable lemon smoothness of N°30 Lemon & Milk makes it the ideal beverage to bring out the full flavour of oysters or scallops. No. 30 also sublimates desserts and creates an original gourmet experience when served with macaroons.

À propos de nous

Viche Pitia® revives vodka of excellence produced according to ancestral know-how, and rekindles the Russian spirit of vodka in France.

Nos contacts

65 chemin des Tamaris
13100 Aix en Provence, France

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