Le grand art de la vodka

Viche Pitia® revives
vodka of excellence
produced according to
ancestral know-how,
and rekindles the Russian
spirit of vodka in France.

Shaking up codes
and conventions,
it offers a new art
and experience of drinking:
vodka on its own.


Vodka La grandeur héritage

When, in 1765, Catherine II of Russia bestowed on her country’s aristocrats the exclusive privilege of producing vodka, the Viche Pitia noble spirits were created with their exceptional gustative qualities.

Each fragrance, designated by a number, enhanced the greatest tables of the Russian nobility, as both a pre-dinner drink and to accompany exquisite, sophisticated dishes.

The unique Viche Pitia recipes found in Russian archives have travelled through Europe and through time to today revive this collection of luxury vodka in France.

Le privilège excellence vodka

A subtle balance between tradition and innovation,
Viche Pitia® has inherited the development process from its forefathers
to produce a vodka of outstanding quality.

Already distilled in the 18th century in stills from Charente which guarantee its unique taste and purity,
Viche Pitia® vodka is today created according to the same know-how,
fallen into oblivion in Russia but revived in the Cognac region of France.

Viche Pitia® vodka is crafted in a copper still, by the maceration of spices, citrus fruit and entirely natural ingredients in rye alcohol. Distilled after maceration, with no subsequent addition of water, it retains a unique texture and releases the flavours of yesteryear, filled with aromas and steeped in history.

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